Beyond the Wall: The Great Cold

12771527_453994034794186_6309976278070328546_oHere’s an album that I think those with heavier tastes can appreciate. The Great Cold is a German-based group who have recently released their eponymous debut, drawing influence from black, post and progressive metal.

Whilst it’s not exactly progressive in the sense of prog metal we all know and love, the track AURAI flaunts the band’s progressive elements through unexpected transitions between the trademark blast beats of black metal, catchy post-rock rhythms and weird, off-hand riffs that keeps The Great Cold surprising – of course this is a recurring theme throughout the album, it’s just most prominent in this track. But it’s the more atmospheric post-metal elements across the album, reminiscent of Anathema or Katatonia, which are just standout incredible – the intro to NEPHELAI and the end of OREAD especially.

This is an album which came from the blue and has surprised me in the best way – it’s a consistently solid piece of post and black metal with frequent moments of sheer brilliance. I’m looking forward to hearing more from these guys.

~Cerpin Taxt

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