Length Matters #5: The Flower Kings – Garden of Dreams

image_547This 59:25 long song from the legendary prog rock band The Flower Kings is from their fourth studio album, Garden of Dreams.

If you don’t know The Flower Kings, it’s the original band of Roine Stolt, from the Transatlantic supergroup. The band was in fact created to play his solo album The Flower King live, but then stayed together and became one of the most iconic prog act in modern history.

This song in particular is their longest one to date, and it’s far from being boring. The composition is made of 18 parts, so the music is always evolving and morphing, going back and forth and conveying a wide array of emotions! Truly a great song, a masterpiece!

Post originally published on the Prog Talk FB page on 12/09/2015 by ~Frog.

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