Progscure Chronicles Vol. IV: The Tangent

24873_418761415518_731940518_5709812_2817108_nSome of you might know them, but I feel they deserve more recognition. The Tangent is a progressive rock group from Andy Tillison where he invites many great musicians, different on almost every album, and there are 10 of them already!

I’m not very fond of their first few albums, but that’s probably just my tastes. My favourite albums are Not As Good As The Book, Down And Out In Paris And London, and Le Sacre du Travail. Here’s a piece from the second of the three, ‘Where Are They Now?’. They released A Spark In The Aether this year, and I still have to listen to it (I’m waiting for it in the mail). It’s a great but admittedly inconsistent prog rock band.

Some of their releases and songs are truly amazing, while others seem completely lifeless or uninspired. Maybe that has to do with the fluctuating lineup of the band, but I still believe you should check them out for the handful of gems they have in their catalogue!

Post originally published on the Prog Talk FB page on 12/08/2015 by ~Frog.


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