Progscure Chronicles Vol. IX: Pure Reason Revolution

thedarkthirdTake Porcupine Tree, Marillion, Pink Floyd, add some electronic elements, and you may start to grasp the unique sound that this 4-piece accomplished on The Dark Third – an album about the third of our lives we spend sleeping.

Despite the pretentious concept (and the cryptic lyrics), the musicianship more than makes up for it, with some of the best-crafted vocal harmonies I’ve ever heard, and a smart use of male and female vocals, in a way they melt with the other instruments, making a coherent whole.

Due to poor sales, and a questionable change of direction (towards electro-pop) on their future works, Pure Reason Revolution‘s future was basically canceled, and disbanded in 2011 after a final tour. But we can still appreciate the brilliance of their debut – I recommend getting the German InsideOut release as it features a bonus CD with almost half an hour of unreleased songs that are totally worth the price.

Post originally published on the Prog Talk FB page on 29/08/2015 by ~Sacul.

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