Progscure Chronicles Vol. XII: Kingston Wall

kingston_wall_-_iiIt’s been a while since the last Chronicle, but we’re back with more progscure goodness for your ears!

Today’s edition features the 90’s cult Finnish prog rock band (who knew there was stuff other than black metal at the time!), Kingston Wall, and I’m hoping at least some of you have heard of them.

Despite having what is most likely the worst album cover I’ve ever laid my eyes upon, the music on Kingston Wall‘s II is the polar opposite! Really great prog rock tunes with the classic prog rock sound, but I still gotta give it to them for adapting it in their own unique way.

Check out their Pink Floyd-esque track ‘Shine on Me’ that’s linked above and let me know what you think!

Post originally published on the Prog Talk FB page on 20/02/2016 by ~Peeko.

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