Album Review: Dream the Electric Sleep – Beneath the Dark Wide Sky

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzDream the Electric Sleep return with their third album Beneath the Dark Wide Sky following the highly acclaimed Heretics – an album which was commended for bridging the gap between modern prog and accessibility. However, here we see the American trio leaping over to the poppier side of nu-prog and burning this bridge behind them, ditching experimentation for a safe, arena rock record.

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Length Matters: The Peter Snell Experience – Life in the Controposhere

Welcome to another segment of Length Matters, a sort of prog dick measuring contest where we showcase the longest prog songs that come across our ears. This time, it’s from a band called The Peter Snell Experience, all the way from New-Zealand, and the piece of interest is called ‘Life in the Controposphere’, which was released in 2014. Continue reading

Single review: Opeth – Sorceress

After much anticipation and expectation following the announcement of Opeth‘s twelfth studio album, the band decided to quell our eagerness with the title track for Sorceress.

It all starts with a melody in objectively inferior 4/4, but it compensates by including a swing feel and being in Messiaen’s second mode of limited transposition. This gives it a somewhat jazzy feel, especially with the odd distortion on guitar or keyboard sound, and a certain ambiguity as to what the tonal centre is, which is great. It goes a lot of places, but ultimately goes nowhere, as everything it tried to create crumbles once the first actual riff begins, which is a mere chord-chug riff. Continue reading