Length Matters: The Peter Snell Experience – Life in the Controposhere

Welcome to another segment of Length Matters, a sort of prog dick measuring contest where we showcase the longest prog songs that come across our ears. This time, it’s from a band called The Peter Snell Experience, all the way from New-Zealand, and the piece of interest is called ‘Life in the Controposphere’, which was released in 2014.

The epic, one-hour-thirteen-minutes-and-forty-nine-second-long piece, divided into four tracks, goes to all the places you’d expect a progressive rock song this extensive to go: atmospheric moments, progstravaganza wankfest, epic buildups… you name it! Everything that makes this album is more than decent: the musicianship is varied and on par with the best known prog acts, the singer has a great voice, and the song construction is also on point! If you’re looking for an epic concept song/album to lose yourself into, I’d suggest you take a look at The Peter Snell Experience. Unfortunately, there is no way, as of now, to get your hands on the lyric sheets. That would be highly appreciated in order to properly follow the story and its intricacies.

For now, ‘Life in the Controposphere’ remains a great and extremely long concept album, but it is also quite mysterious because of the lack of public lyrics.

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