Vola Releases Music Video for Stray the Skies

Vola is one of the few interesting acts in modern progressive metal. Their album, Inmazes, was released independently last year but is seeing a rerelease this year, September 16, on Mascot Records.

“Stray the Skies” is definitely one of the catchier songs on Inmazes, and don’t let yourself be fooled because not all the tracks are that pop-ish. Just listen to “Starburn” and “Gutter Moon”, which are available to stream on their bandcamp page, to see some of the band’s diversity.

The riffs can be very Tesseractesque at times, while the voice of singer Asger Mygind is like a lower-pitched Einar Solberg (Leprous). Inmazes was one of the best prog records of 2015, so it’s a safe bet that it will still be an awfully good album this year.

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