Listen to Victor Wooten’s Prog Metal Band, Octavision

Octavision just shared their first single, Three Lives, on Youtube. Octavision is the band in which the acclaimed and legendary funk and jazz bassist Victor Wooten takes part. Besides him are Steve Weingard, a jazz keyboard player known for his time with Dave Weckl, Roman Lomtadze, a progressive rock and metal drummer, Ara Torosyan, a keyboardist and music producer, and Hovak Alaverdyan, guitarist and main writer for the band.

Needless to say, Mr. Wooten is the princess of the ball, with the other members being far less renowned. This doesn’t mean they don’t shine as much, musically… In fact, Victor took the role of bassist at heart and plays the role of support for most of the song, only surfacing for a brief bass solo, which is nice: this isn’t The Flecktones! The drummer and keyboardist(s) play interesting beats and lines themselves, accompanying a composition that is quite guitar-driven. I have to admit that I still don’t really the point of having two keyboardists, but if one of them is in charge of music production, he might as well come in and play some notes as well.

The song itself is surprisingly good, especially given my first reaction after listening to the teaser, which only showcased the first minute of the almost 10-minute song. I’m glad to say that my fears have vanished, and that Octavision just established themselves as a band on which to keep an eye! No title has been announced for their upcoming album, and no dates either, but we’re excited!

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