The Neal Morse Band Destroys the City of Expectations

Not so long ago, The Neal Morse Band released ‘Long Day/Overture’ as a teaser for their upcoming album, The Similitude of a Dream, and we thought it wasn’t that bad. This week, the band released ‘City of Destruction’, along with a music video, which you can watch above.

As per the title and images from the video shared on Facebook, I was skeptical and feared the usual ‘single’ track. Obviously, my fears became flesh when I listened to the song. It’s the same, lame rock track with barely a hint of prog in it. This is part of the marketing scheme of every big prog album, nowadays it seems. Bands will promote their most generic, bland, and tasteless piece. It’s the lowest common denominator strategy, and it sucks for prog fans.

‘City of Delusions’ is probably an important chapter in The Similitude of a Dream, if it’s a conceptual double album, but, on its own, it’s nothing more than a distasteful ‘dad prog’ anthem. Let’s hope I am right and this is actually the least interesting track on the album.

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