Red Seas Fire Are ‘Stuck’

Red Seas Fire just released ‘Stuck’, a new single off of their upcoming release and debut album. The formation surprised the djent world, back in 2011, with their self-titled debut EP. So much so that their main writer and lead guitarist, Adam Getgood, better known as ‘Nolly’, was hired by Periphery to play bass for their live shows, and was later a full member of the band.

This, however, didn’t stop Red Seas Fire, who decided to carry on without Nolly. The band then released a trilogy of four-track EPs in three years: Exposition, Confrontation, and Exposition, until 2015. They were generally appreciated, even though something was very different from their debut EP. They seemed to stray farther and farther away from the djent genus and into a sort of alternative metal.

It’s only too evident, today, with ‘Stuck’, which, at times, sounds straight out of a Linkin Park album. The song challenges the idea of Red Seas Fire being considered a djent band, and solidifies its meaninglessness in the progressive metal world, which was already doubtful, after the Red Seas Fire EP.

Colour me unexcited.

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