Album Review: Sigh – Heir to Despair

Howdy, guest writer SirPent here,

Since the admins are too ‘busy’ to do a roundabout for Sigh’s new album, Heir to Despair, I’ve been granted the “gift” of a whole review post!

Heir to Despair was released last month and hyped up by the band telling people that they’ll hate it, even if they like the single… Due to that great advertising, I immediately had to purchase it!


I find it a very strong, sizzling album on the whole that’s still very much in keeping with their jauntily-eerie signature sound. The theme this time being particularly based around ideas of insanity, depicted fittingly by the cover art; though I do find it much less concise/thematic than other albums such as In Somniphobia and Graveward. However, I am reluctant to criticise this as it may very well be the point of the record.

(Speaking of their previous records, here’s a top titbit: you may have already spotted it, but if you didn’t, but Sigh’s albums begin with each letter of the band’s name)

Although you could probably make this comparison for all Sigh albums, Heir to Despair in particular comes across as a definite mix-up of Thy Catafalque, Mr. Bungle and, perhaps unique to this album, ‘neo-psychedelic synths’ a la Ozric Tentacles. Each song has creative efforts, but in that light the “Heresy Suite” is almost definitely the star of the album, particularly ‘Heresy I: Oblivium’ that has the strongest of those aforementioned neo-psychedelia aspects and a range of ideas becoming apparent.

The gentle sections in Heir to Despair, though rare, are really sublime, feeling well incorporated into the album and not too forced or cliché. My other favourite track is ‘In Memories Delusional’ for being purely Sigh (sighs of pleasure), and that can be just what you want *wink wink*. That being said, there’s nothing much else outstandingly special here.

Overall, Heir to Despair is a solid album to add to your collection – however, it is missing something that would make it anywhere near masterpiece material.

7.5/10 – Hated it thoroughly

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