All these sections!

A brief explanation of all the sections we have in our page:

A Beginner’s Guide To: A concise guide for anyone to get into a band or particular subgenre of prog, starting with an artist’s essential works and then branching into their lesser known or praised albums. Often will come packaged in a neat, easy to use flowchart

Album Review: Pretty self-explanatory – we review what we feel like reviewing, not just new records.

Beyond the Wall: Taking Pink Floyd’s The Wall as a metaphor for how close the prog world can be, here we talk about bands with prog influences that have nothing to do with the genre, or just any group with very progressive leaning/tendencies that deserves to be talked about. Not everything prog is odd time signatures and 20-minute epics!

Length Matters: In which we talk about some of the best progressive rock/metal epics, even obscure ones.

Let’s Talk: Whenever there’s some conceptual or relevant topic worthy of discussion that doesn’t fit on any other category, you’ll find it here.

Progscure Chronicles: Here we focus on obscure bands/artists that we feel deserve more recognition and love.

Roundabout: Taken from Yes’ iconic song from Fragile, our Roundabout reviews offer different viewpoints of a significant new release or classic prog album from two or more admins – because sometimes you need that second opinion.

Single Review: Much like an album review, though it mainly covers a significant artist’s latest release