A Beginner’s Guide To: Anathema (2017)


Almost a year and a half after the first one, I bring you a redesigned, brand new flowchart to one of my favorite bands – Anathema! Had to update it to include their latest record, but started from scratch since giving the band only one starting point didn’t feel like the right choice, so changed it to three. Plus, now I used a more, uh, professional tool rather than MS Paint so it looks nicer. And finally, included a little bio about them.

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Beyond the Wall: The Hsu-nami

a0427677185_10The Hsu-nami have a unique sound, because, besides some proggy guitar work and drumming, they include an Erhu – a traditional Chinese instrument. How does it sound? Imagine the Kung Fu Panda soundtrack, but with a prog take. And equally epic.

It baffles me how unknow they are, given they’ve played in festivals, and even one of their songs was featured in the Beijing Olympics! But they seem to be working on their next album now, which I hope it’s out before year’s end. In the meantime, check the following tune – one of their finest compositions.

Post originally published on the Prog Talk FB page on 02/09/2015 by ~Sacul.

Beyond the Wall: iamthemorning

a1518259367_10As weird a mix it might sound, the duo iamthemorning turn their talent for making passionate, heartfelt chamber music, with their love for prog – they’ve even covered Opeth songs.

Subtle strings, pianos, and ocassional guitars flow with Marjana’s angelical voice. Currently my favorite band from Russia – even great artists like Danny Cavanagh and Gavin Harrison have praised them.

The following song is the opener to their sophomore album, one of my favorite records of last year. The prog, and even some rock, is strong on this one.


Post originally published on the Prog Talk FB page on 16/09/2015 by ~Sacul.