Let’s Talk: Tiamat – Wildhoney

12189199_463691403824449_5816686819538951325_oThere is something about most popular death/doom bands that intrigue me; these bands changed their style after a few years, citing different reasons like expanding their musical horizons, reach to a higher audience, etc. Katatonia and Anathema started to drift away from their heavy side to feature a melancholic, yet calm and eerie mood while bands such as My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost started to experiment a little further (34.788%…Complete by MDB is a clear example of this, featuring a while range of influences, including trip-hop). However, there is one band that is often excluded from this list, and contains one of the most interesting albums of the 90s: enter Sweden’s Tiamat and their 1994 record, Wildhoney. Continue reading

Let’s Talk: Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool

13235567_486835758176680_6051001986815913089_oRadiohead needs no introduction; they’ve been one of the most acclaimed bands of the 90’s/00’s since the releases of OK Computer and Kid A, which are often said to be part of the Best Albums of All Time Pantheon™. With each subsequent release, their sound has changed over and over again yet regaining its essence. 2016 brings us here, 5 years after the release of The King of Limbs, heavily influenced by samples and loops, to A Moon Shaped Pool: their 9th full length release.

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