Progscure Chronicles Vol. XII: Kingston Wall

kingston_wall_-_iiIt’s been a while since the last Chronicle, but we’re back with more progscure goodness for your ears!

Today’s edition features the 90’s cult Finnish prog rock band (who knew there was stuff other than black metal at the time!), Kingston Wall, and I’m hoping at least some of you have heard of them. Continue reading

Progscure Chronicles Vol. V: Miroist

a4243407774_10Hey guys, I thought it was about time I contribute to the ongoing saga as well!

If there’s one fact that you should definitely know about me, it’s that besides prog, I’m a sucker for post-rock and its associated genres. And when I came across a project which, humourously enough, calls itself “progressive metal post-something”; boy, was I intrigued. Continue reading