Beyond the Wall: David Bowie – Blackstar

DB_BLACKSTAR-ALBUM-COVERYesterday, art rock legend David Bowie released the first single from his upcoming album ‘Blackstar’. Clocking in at just under 10 minutes, this title-track is showing to be the centerpiece of an extremely promising experimental art rock album; and dare I say it even hints towards the progressive? Continue reading

Beyond the Wall: Kel Valhaal

13254642_491264934400429_5687442404499783131_oKel Valhaal’ may be a name that you recognize if you’ve been paying attention to the notorious transcendental black metal group Liturgy in recent years. The name appears as the title of a track in Liturgy’s latest controversial album ‘The Ark Work’, which saw a fusion of black metal, electronic and even rap music – perhaps more controversial is the philosophy which frontman Hunter Hunt-Hendrix builds Liturgy’s music upon, but I digress. Continue reading