Length Matters: The Peter Snell Experience – Life in the Controposhere

Welcome to another segment of Length Matters, a sort of prog dick measuring contest where we showcase the longest prog songs that come across our ears. This time, it’s from a band called The Peter Snell Experience, all the way from New-Zealand, and the piece of interest is called ‘Life in the Controposphere’, which was released in 2014. Continue reading

Length Matters #6: Dream Theater – The Twelve-Step Suite

dreamAt 57 minutes, this song spans 5 parts on 5 different albums. Beginning with ‘The Glass Prison’ – which might incidentally be the best progressive metal song ever written – on Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence and ends with ‘The Shattered Fortress’ on Black Clouds & Silver Linings. Some people might add ‘The Mirrorfrom Awake as a sort of prelude to the suite, but is not officially part of it. Continue reading

Length Matters #5: The Flower Kings – Garden of Dreams

image_547This 59:25 long song from the legendary prog rock band The Flower Kings is from their fourth studio album, Garden of Dreams.

If you don’t know The Flower Kings, it’s the original band of Roine Stolt, from the Transatlantic supergroup. The band was in fact created to play his solo album The Flower King live, but then stayed together and became one of the most iconic prog act in modern history. Continue reading

Length Matters #1: Transatlantic – The Whirlwind

transatlantic-the_whirlwind_deluxe_edition-frontalLet me introduce you to a new segment, called Length Matters. We’re going to talk about absurdly long songs, and why they’re great! As you know, one of the most striking attributes of prog music is the sheer length of their songs, often going beyond the 10 minute mark, or even 20 minute, with more extreme examples reaching 30, 40 minutes, and even more!

For the first one, I will take the longest song I have in my discography, and from there go in descending length. I hope you’ll find awesome songs and new bands to listen to in the process!

Continue reading