Progscure Chronicles Vol. XI: Children of Nova

a1105326582_10Does any of you miss The Mars Volta? Yeah, me too. There have been a few substitutes, the most substantial of which might be Closure in Moscow, but now a new player has joined the game.

Created in 2007 in San Diego, Children of Nova blend progressive rock, heavy metal, alt rock, and a touch of jazz together, with a high-pitched male singer that has a voice at times oddly reminiscent of Cedric Bixler-Zavala. Of course, they lack the incredibly fun experimentation that TMV did, with every album, and concentrate on a rather accessible alternative prog sound. Continue reading

Progscure Chronicles Vol. VII: Thinking Plague

thinkingplague-2011Thinking Plague is probably the most out-there prog band you can imagine.

Their music is teeming with avant-garde, experimental, and art music elements. First of all, the band consists of drums, bass, acoustic guitars, vocals, and a wide variety of wind instruments: saxophone, clarinet, flute, and accordion. The songs are often long and intricate, and display an unabashed sense of performance, carried out through the recording process. Continue reading