Roundabout: Opeth – Sorceress

Hello everyone! Since we think that each one of us at Prog Talk deserves the right to express their own opinion on an upcoming album, instead of having just one person analyse it, we’re introducing a new way to review albums; and this is our first attempt. Welcome to ‘Roundabout’ (yes, prog puns), where every admin that has a: time and b: interest, comes and shares their points of view. Our first review shall be of Opeth‘s upcoming album, Sorceress, which is coming out on September 30th.


Each review has been done independently from each other. We do talk a lot between ourselves, but Roundabout is about giving our own uninfluenced views on a record, and seeing where they parallel the others’ and where they clash. This section is about giving an unbiased review – just like a regular review -, but with more than one writer wanting to express his or her opinion. Enjoy.

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