Prog Talk Q&A 2018

It’s finally here: the biggest cinematic event of the year – Prog Talk’s 2018 Q&A!

Join the English representatives of Prog Talk (Leth, Cerpin and SirPent) as they traverse around Leicester for a few pints, engage in a bit of banter and answer those elusive questions in life:

What is the album of the year? What is the best Rush alum? Who is the most attractive Prog Talk admin? How can Dream Theater be fixed? Plus many more!


I’d like to personally apologize for both the lateness of this video and its recording quality. Technology was very much against us at the meetup as I am a Luddite, so this year’s Q&A somehow being a step down from last years in almost every aspect – though I have tried to salvage it in the editing

Hopefully you’ll still find it engaging nonetheless!

If you have any feedback regarding the format, editing or filming, please let us know so we can take it on board for next time. As exasperating as editing this was, I quite enjoyed doing it and I want to persue more video-based projects like this in the future

Most importantly, what are YOUR answers to the questions we got asked? Do you agree to any of the answers we brought up? Are we talking out of our behinds? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!


Album Review: The Dystopian Project – Paradigm

Back in 2015, Irish-based progressive rock band The Dystopian Project released their debut album, Death Leaves an Echo. I had mixed feelings about it… It was promising, but failed to grasp my interest and illuminate my imagination with a firm hand and a brilliant light. Two years later, almost day for day, Dublin’s quintet comes back with Paradigm, their sophomore album. Will they succeed or will this be their second strike?

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Roundabout: Bent Knee – Land Animal

Boston-based art rock act Bent Knee have been about since their 2011 self-titled release, and on the playlists of almost every Prog Talk admin since their explosive 2014 sophomore release in Shiny Eyed Babies and the excellent Say So from last year.

The band has gained a reputation for pushing the boundaries of pop, rock and the avant-garde simultaneously, and many here at Prog Talk would gladly label them the most exciting upcoming act of the 2010s.

That said, does their most recent release, Land Animal, live up to our notably high expectations? Are we asking too much of the band? Will Leth, Cerpin and Symphony make it to the 21st Century? Find out the answer to all of these questions on this upcoming episode of… Roundabout“!

Land Animal

As ever, we’d like to remind you that our Roundabouts are compilations of each Prog Talk admin’s individual and subjective opinions. While we may or may not have expressed our thoughts on the album in private beforehand, we do not collude while writing our reviews. So without further ado, let’s talk progressive art rock.

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Listen to Victor Wooten’s Prog Metal Band, Octavision

Octavision just shared their first single, Three Lives, on Youtube. Octavision is the band in which the acclaimed and legendary funk and jazz bassist Victor Wooten takes part. Besides him are Steve Weingard, a jazz keyboard player known for his time with Dave Weckl, Roman Lomtadze, a progressive rock and metal drummer, Ara Torosyan, a keyboardist and music producer, and Hovak Alaverdyan, guitarist and main writer for the band. Continue reading

Length Matters: The Peter Snell Experience – Life in the Controposhere

Welcome to another segment of Length Matters, a sort of prog dick measuring contest where we showcase the longest prog songs that come across our ears. This time, it’s from a band called The Peter Snell Experience, all the way from New-Zealand, and the piece of interest is called ‘Life in the Controposphere’, which was released in 2014. Continue reading