Length Matters #2: Vultress – Distance

a4114094993_10Second installment of Length Matters! And this one is actually a Progscure Chronicles too!

We’re talking about Vultress‘ epic “Distance” suite. A heptalogy summing up to 76 minutes, with its longest subdivision being the almost-25-minutes “At The Edge”, which could be considered on its own one of the long prog songs out there.

Vultress is a rather underground prog metal band from Indiana and this album is their first one, released in 2013. They don’t have other releases yet, but I’m definitely on the lookout for new music from the band! Their music is a pretty eclectic blend of rather conventional prog metal and rock, along with various latin music genres: jazz, samba, tango, etc.

Distance will take you into a musical rollercoaster of emotions. And don’t let their childish cover art fool you, their music is pretty serious business! Who can pull off a 70+ minute composition like this, and make every moment of it worth it, interesting, and really enjoyable?

So, give Vultress a like and a listen (their album is up for pay-what-you-want, you cannot have a better deal than that!), and be there next Sunday for another Length Matters!

Post originally published on the Prog Talk FB page on 16/08/2015 by ~Frog.

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