Classic Roundabout: Yes – Close To The Edge

While we at Prog Talk love talking about all the new progressive acts hitting the music scene, sometimes it’s great to simply revisit the classics. As such we’re starting a new segment dedicated to precisely that; where all interested admins will discuss the albums and artists who have shaped prog history.

To kick it off with a bang, we have an album which many would argue to be the most iconic prog rock album of all time. It’s time to dive into Yes and their magnum-opus, Close To The Edge.


Let’s face it; this album needs little introduction. Originally released on 13 Sept. 1972, this was Yes’ fifth studio release and quickly became one of the defining works of the progressive rock genre. In this Roundabout, we will be tackling only the three tracks found on the original version of the album.

As per usual, all reviews are written independently to avoid influencing each other. Prog Talk as a collective never has an official view on any album, but the admins each have their own. So if your opinions differ from ours, let us know! So without further ado, let’s talk prog.

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Roundabout: The Neal Morse Band – The Similitude of a Dream

Neal Morse has an extensive and respectable history, in progressive rock. His first album was Spock’s Beard’s The Light, out in 1995. After many other albums, he also went as a solo artist (1999), founded Transatlantic (2000), Morse Portnoy George (2006), Flying Colors (2012), and, most recently, The Neal Morse Band (2015). In total, he’s now behind 25 studio albums (and that’s without counting his worship and exclusive albums). His progressive rock compositions, especially after leaving Spock’s Beard, have a very characteristic sound to them, recognizable among many.

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Coming up: November Releases

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Animals as LeadersThe Madness of Many (progressive/technical metal/djent)

The Neal Morse BandThe Similitude of a Dream (progressive rock/metal)

SaorGuardians (progressive/atmospheric black metal)


TroikaMy Brain Is a Receiver (progressive/post-rock)

Second to SunBlackbound (progressive metal/djent/black metal)

HieroglyphOuroboros (progressive symphonic death metal)

MaschineNaturalis (progressive symphonic rock)

Protest the HeroPacific Myth (progressive metal)

A Sense of GravityAtrament (progressive death metal/metalcore)


OniIronshore (progressive death metal/djent)