So I guess I’ll put some music I liked this year here -FFFFFFFFFFFFF

So yeah 2071 came and went and porg was pretty bad overall but there were some cool moments I guess I dunno I don’t watch Star Wasr.


uhh No, nobody deserves that spot


my number 2 album of this year of our lorde 3-28 is (in no particular order) Thinking Plague! Yayyy hurrayh.

It’s very prog and it sounds really weird and bad so it’s avan-guard and if you wnna look pretentious listen to this with some friends and tell ehtm it’s because they have no taste if they don’t like it.


so number3 is this I don’t remember but i tagged it “avant ptpg” so is must be good and have good tastes


again in No Particular Order but this is good I tell ya


so there’s this australian band who’s like released a billion albums this year and it’s pretty decent but it’s all filler no killer ayy


That’ dude relesed and album and it’s like its alright


theSe guyse just woke form 19575 of something and it’s legut!


sUCC of the yYEAR goes tO!:

The astonihsing for being still basd in 2017

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