Length Matters #4 : The Tangent – Le Sacre du Travail

93552_0We already spoke about The Tangent before in our Progscure Chronicles, but now they appear in Length Matters because of their epic, 63-minute, 5-part song and album ‘Le Sacre du Travail’, or ‘The Rite of Work’ for you non-French people.

This song is definitely one of their best works to date. The music is outstanding, the choruses are catchy, the playing is brilliantly eclectic, and the lyrical themes of the futility of our day-to-day lives is marvellous and almost perfectly executed. There are only a couple lines that are a bit cringy, but I believe this is, first of all a matter of opinion, and then really easily overlooked, given the quality of the music supporting it. Guitars, synthesizers, flutes, strings, and other instruments dot the composition, each conveying a different feel to the music, and it’s executed with great mastery. Andy’s voice is better than ever, here: at times emotional and soothing, other times more rough and angry.

This is really a great, long song, in fact two of its parts are around 20 minutes in length. It’s certainly one of the best works of The Tangent, and also one of the best songs of progressive  rock in general. Something you want in your collection for sure!

Post originally published on the Prog Talk FB page on 30/08/2015 by ~Frog.

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