Progscure Chronicles Vol. VII: Thinking Plague

thinkingplague-2011Thinking Plague is probably the most out-there prog band you can imagine.

Their music is teeming with avant-garde, experimental, and art music elements. First of all, the band consists of drums, bass, acoustic guitars, vocals, and a wide variety of wind instruments: saxophone, clarinet, flute, and accordion. The songs are often long and intricate, and display an unabashed sense of performance, carried out through the recording process.

There’s also another reason why this band in particular was chosen for the Progscures: they’ve just announced their next album in 2016 and have started a crowdfunding campaign on kickstarter! So, (at the time of writing) you’ve got still a few weeks to help them make another incredibly obscure, challenging album.

Trust me, there’s nobody else who could give you the special music of Thinking Plague! As an example, here’s their song ‘Dead Silence’, from their 1998 album In Extremis. One of my favourites.


Post originally published on the Prog Talk FB page on 17/08/2015 by ~Frog.


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